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Here you can find an overview of our hand made

RESTA "Representational state transfer" (REST) Endpoint is a webservice for providing info and data to other systems. Read below for more info
and Data API's. Most of them are free and do not require a key. However if you plan to hit our API heavily, please contact us so we can prepare. Happy Hacking!

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        Our REST API's        

A brief overview of our Data / RESTful API's.
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Kik Statusbot API

This website is currently running in a Virtual Machine on a root server. Still, we wanted to check how our server is doing. So we made a Kik Bot in Node.js which will tell us the current status of our server. This is the API endpoint to get the infos. Both, the Bot and the API Endpoint are Open Source! For a list of all our Kik Bots go to bots.nulldev.org!

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